Boon Catter Hot

February 26, 2016 SOLD – Boon Catter Hot was sold May 7, 2018. The Rio Roca Ranch welcomes Boon Catter Hot! Our newest colt born on February 26, 2016, sired by The Boon and his mother Sally Cats Hot. February 2018: Click here to see… Read More »Boon Catter Hot

Boon San Catniss

January 25, 2016 SOLD – Catniss was sold May 22, 2020. Welcome Boon San Catniss! A new filly born at the Rio Roca Ranch on January 25, 2016, sired by Boon San and her mother Sally Cats. July 2017: Click here to see Boon San… Read More »Boon San Catniss

Sally Cats Hot

September 22, 2015 The Rio Roca Ranch is proud and honored to welcome Sally Cats Hot! On September 22, 2015, she joined the family of mares at the Rio Roca Ranch. Below are some noteworthy accomplishments of our newest addition of cutting horses. – Sally… Read More »Sally Cats Hot

Boon San Reys

September 22, 2015 The Rio Roca Ranch is proud and honored to welcome Boon San Reys! On September 22, 2015, the newest edition of cutting horses joined the Rio Roca Ranch family of mares. Listed below are her noteworthy accomplishments. – Please click here to… Read More »Boon San Reys

Spirito D’Oro

May 15, 2015 Welcome Spirito D’Oro! On May 15, 2015, a new colt was born. Spirito was sired by Saltador ORO I, a world champion Andalusian Stallion, and Quintessa, a Friesian mare. Saltador ORO is a 13 times National Champion in 4 Divisions, and has… Read More »Spirito D’Oro

Promesa Oro

April 17, 2015 Welcome Promesa ORO (“Mesa”)! On April 17, 2015 at the Rio Roca Ranch, a new baby Warlander filly was born. Mesa was sired by Saltador ORO I, an Andalusian Stallion, and Marquesa, a Friesian mare from the Rio Roca Ranch. Saltador ORO… Read More »Promesa Oro

Church Designer

December 30, 2014 The Rio Roca Chapel is featured in this online publication. Click here to view the article.

Private Event

October 07, 2014 Rio Roca Ranch was the site of a private event honoring some very special ladies and their birthdays on September 20, 2014.